Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bichon Versus Wolf

This is the Dis, Dispatch ya know, or you can call me Spike the bichon cuz it suits my personality better. Ya see the dog up above, don't let him fool you, he's a wolf!!! I'm not makin it up, his mama or daddy was part wolf. My mama says he's a sweet dog, I say he has cold yellow eyes and I told him which end was up. Then wolfies mama had to go and ruin it and tell how wolfie lives with chihuahuas and how one of em just has to look @ wolfie sideways and he gets out of her way. But I whizzed in his grass, right over where he had just whizzed, showed him I did, I would have gotten the food dish with a good ole whiz (that stops em in their tracks, I've used it on Rotties) but mama stopped me. She gets that way ya know. His mama really did say he is part wolf, mama even said so, I aint makin that up. Oh and that is wolfies duck laying there, I bet it used to be alive don't cha think? Wolves are barbaric that way, leaving food layin around and not burying it in chairs or under pillows!

This is me tired below, I'm still a bit worn out from our trip. Or should I say my unfair incarceration? Mama has this crate idea, thinks I need protected in the car? I have no idea why, she's always managed to keep it on the road and if she would let me drive like I want I know we wouldn't have any problems? Anyway she only gives me treats in the crate (prison) and she made me stay in it the WHOLE way down here except for potty breaks. I tried my best voices so she would know how unfair she was driving down here, I couldn't even touch her? Then I'd get mad and bark @ the old broad and she would just laugh, sometimes she would bark back, I was hoping someone would see her and report her for keeping me in the crate (or being crazy, people usually don't bark?)? Anyway I'm still tired from my ordeal.

I was sort of thinkin Mugsey would be down here too? As soon as I got here I smelled the camper steps, I knew which camper was ours and it smelled like Daddy but not Mugsey? Then he wasn't in the camper, I knew all the other people but they didn't have Mugsey either? Mama thinks that's why I've been so tired lately, I thought Mugsey was with Daddy and he isn't. Not that I LIKED that big overgrown excuse for a dog but he was sort of handy for back up, and to lay by, and to play with, and he would watch out for me and I would watch out for him and Skeeter would try to pick on both of us. Anyway Mama says I've been quieter than normal. Everyone is trying to find us a dog. Mama says it's too soon. I say I'm an only child unless I can dominate it and I mean DOMINATE it. But that's just the wolf in me coming out? Mama did find this article that she found useful, Daddy didn't find it useful though. Ten Dogs For Small Spaces , it says apartment but I take it to mean a small house or someone who doesn't have much time to walk the dog.

I think in the picture below I look sort of wolflike don't you, maybe instead of a possible poodle bichon cross I'm a wolf bichon cross? Maybe I should try that look out on wolfie? See who's got glowing eyes then? Maybe that look will work on the alligator they say lives down the road, of course they say he's a baby but he's bigger than I am!

So since everyone is appropriately terrified of the bichon/wolf and impressed by my vast three tennis ball collection I will quit now. I hope to have further wolf adventures, he has to wake up though, I swear wolfie sleeps more than I do. I do my stiff legged/strutty walk around him and wolfie barely opens an eye, he never knows how much danger he is truly in I don't think?

Note from the old broad:
The dog is really part wolf, I mean like a measurable part, you can see it when he stands up. My kitten I left @ home was much meaner. I do watch Dispatch around him but I've never seen a more pleasant dog. My brother had a wolf cross and it was a good dog too. It's all in how they are raised. Evidently we missed something with raising Dispatch? Like telling him he is not really king?


chicamom85 said...

Dispatch, there is a little wolf in all of us. Thats what I think anyway. You are the king.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

TC said...

Thanks Sasha, I try to tell my mama my inner wolf needs out to be KING!


AL said...

Welcome back Dis...you looked tired but your coat looked neat. Did you just drop by the groomers? Or your Mom did it? Anyways, I remember your Mom asked me if Oreo tried to drag me by the tail? Yes and not only my tail but my ears now...and I'm fed up with it. I said that I have to bring the wolf out of me and it worked! I can't believe that I can scare a big dog when I did that! I chase him and Oreo was frightened when I let all my shining tooth, incisors and molars gaped out of mouth, he stays away from me as if he had a seen a dog monster hahahaha. AL was laughing everything I do that, she said I looked very ugly haha. Now I know the technique! And YES I AM THE KING!


T said...

Dispatch, I think you are king! That last photo of you is very very handsome.

I raised a wolf hybrid, for 13 years. His mother was a Timber wolf, and father a German Shepherd.
A very special boy he was.

TC said...

Thank you Coffee, I haven't been to groomers, mama tried to brush me the other night but Daddy growled so I would growl and try to get away and mama gave up.
I feel for you about Oreo. I miss Mugsey but he REALLY made me mad when he would drag me around. I know you are fierce when you show your teeth. I can see it now and so can my mama.


TC said...

T thank you, I felt rather kingly in it with my tennis balls. Great Wealth you know.

My mama said this dog is nice and ate out of her hand, not that she would go feed it what I wouldn't eat but......My human uncles wolf/dog got off his leash and was shot because he looked too much like a wolf. Forgot what this one was is crossed with.

Rae said...

Glad to see you again Dispatch. You are a heck of a guy -standing your ground against that big bad wolf. Bet your mom was proud.

TC said...

Rae, for some reason I don't think mama was proud? I'm glad you are though. Mama was doing her I'm a little nervous my dog is gonna do something stupid and get eaten by a wolf dance, which is the same as any my dog is gonna do something stupid dance mama does.
Today I mostly left the wolf alone except when mama fed it my food I wouldn't eat! I sure didn't want the WOLF to have it!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Hi Dis,

Yes, we are all a little bit wolf, a little bit rock-n-roll!

The Chloe Bichon in PA

TC said...

Hi Chloe, I know you are a little bit rock and roll too!

Mama and I went to a house today with 3 Great Pyranees and an English Bulldog, I was glad to be in Mamas arms, Spike will be back later though I'm sure.

SquirrelQueen said...


I think for sure you are part wolf and it's great that you are such a tough pup. That's a really cool tennis ball collection.

I didn't think you were back yet, you weren't showing up on my dashboard (or maybe my eyes missed you). Anyhow good to see you.