Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bichon Keeping My Humans in Line

I bet you wanted to start your day off with a bichon butt? This is Dispatch the bichon frise (and a tough one @ that) and it's a mighty handsome butt if I do say so myself. What am I doing? Mama has this screensaver on her laptop that has a cat playing, I've never caught the cat but I tried again the other day. As with most cats this one thinks he has superior cunning and higher mental abilities than the bichon. The bichon will teach that cat that dogs rule!!! (Just as soon as I catch him) Mama says she tried to lighten the picture but it looked worse, if she lightened it the bichon butt wouldn't show up so well I don't think? I know if I touch the laptop that sneaky cat disappears but I will get him soon.

This is me this morning, this is the look I give mama when I don't want her to go outside (I've almost perfected poor and pitiful don't cha think?), she moved her computer to the table and I love to sit on her lap, propped up appropriately by her left arm, and watch tv. I do fall asleep but she tries to get me to lay down and I wake up. Sometimes she has the audacity to make me get down on the floor, I can lay there but prefer the recliner.
My mama has been busy busy lately, she hasn't had any time to let me blog even!! Daddy takes up quite a bit of her time but that is OK, when he is home I'm on his lap unless we are watching tv as a family, then I usually sit on the floor in front of the tv and watch. They say I'm trying to figure out what is going on but I know what is happening. That's why I go to sleep. Reruns ya know? The big black book on the table in the picture has a bunch of stuff that needs to go into the computer and mama says there are more in the closet that need to be either checked or put into the computer. It makes her busy and grouchy. She took the day off yesterday, she said she did anyway, she was still on that puter with the kitty on it, a day off is a day petting THE DOG and feeding him but did that happen NO! She's trying to make a new blog which will be the same name as this one and dot com. You might have to put blog on there too but she's not sure since she can't get ANY of it to show up, not even so she can mess it up. She keeps muttering about something called a control panel and wordpress and ftp and even htaccess. She says she even tried uninstalling and putting an index page in. She thinks maybe she messed something up which sometimes happens to her because she can do most things by the seat of her pants on the fly and doesn't pay attention sometimes. She says if you have had problems with wordpress and fantastico and solved them to email her you can use this address (moads4u at gmail dot com) or tc at animalsthatgivepause dot com but she's not sure THAT is working either, she's been able to send mail but hasn't got any. Mama has LOTS of hair but she says she might pull it out, as long as she stays away from my hair that's ok.
She did manage to give me a haircut WITH the clipper guard this time. I got to go in everybodies camper after that even people who don't like animals in their house because I'm so CLEAN and handsome. The bare patch on my hip (see like a few posts back when wacky woman trimmed me without the clipper guard) is growing out, I have TERRIBLE itches there, mama says it's when my tail hits the skin without much hair on it but I know there is something GETTING me there. I sit down and swing around no matter what I'm doing and try to chew on my butt, they laugh but it's serious, it could be a giant flea I'm saving the world from?
Mama said she will be back blogging and commenting regularly soon. She said she went to Houston and back in 3 hours last week 200 miles and picked up parts for Daddy. I know that people LAUGHED @ me when I yodeled when she got out of the car (with the doors locked and ac on of course) then she scoped out the place and decided I could come inside and I entertained by walking on my hind legs chasing her trying to get her to hold me so I could help her get the RIGHT parts. Daddy said some funny words when Mama told him she was almost back with the parts on the phone. I know she hadn't paid much attention to me and had that stupid music on really loud. Then there was a traffic jam and she ducked off the highway in a place I don't think she was supposed to go and the car sort of went up and down, she told daddy it was an entrance ramp for the access road, not an exit for the freeway. That's OK though we got back and had brats and hamburgers and of course everyone ate together and fed ME which is what is MOST IMPORTANT. I like it when we all eat together outside, Mama doesn't watch so close and EVERYONE feeds me lots. Except her of course. I've gotten so spoiled I won't eat my old dog food? Mama is feeding two dogs outside though with my old food, one lives here, it's the landlords and the other is a hound stray. And of course Wolfie next door gets a few scraps. Mama is trying to get pictures of the other dogs but she's been so busy saying bad words to the computer that she barely has time to take THE DOG out?


AL said...

Dispatch, you mean you're Momma is keeping a picture of cat as her screensaver? And not you? Yeah I can see you missed blogging, how are you now? Glad to see you again, I have missed you and your Momma.


TC said...

Coffee, yes my mama has a cat darting in among windows and chasing a ball as her screensaver, I think she just put it on there to annoy me?

We are glad to be back too. We've read a bit just haven't had the time to comment.

SquirrelQueen said...


Maybe the cats on the computer are suppose to be like exercise. You know, like chasing balls of string .... wait, do dogs chase string?

Anyhow I'm glad your back. It seems like everybody is traveling lately. Missed you both.

Miss Cindy Lou Who

TC said...

Miss Cindy Lou, Mama really hasn't been so good about coming back, she's like obsessed (OCD for real) with this stupid web site. She's sitting in the corner muttering index.html and wp-amin?

We did go for a walk, I guess that was exercise, there is a fiberglass target in the hayfield, they are scary ya know! More on that later.


Ian Myers said...

So, I checked back in. Not been online properly for far too long! Found I had been given an award, most grateful, thank-you!!! I am still writing, but with one thing and another (latest is moving house), not been able to get much prepared for blogging. I will be getting on top of things again soon, lots of ideas to share, and I will be catching up with your blog too

Betsy said...

I just love this dog! She has spunk!