Friday, December 19, 2008

Visit Small Paws Rescue, Spunky and Grace

Don't these look like poodles? Well they aren't, they are bichons. The main difference is poodles are sometimes not as rough and tumble as bichons. Bichons LOVE to rough and tumble, they blitz which is another word for running around like they are nuts, you can imagine them saying I am soooo fast, I am the fastest dog in the world, I will stop and touch you (or the couch or the kitten or another dog) but I am just so faaaaast, watch me go, I can even run sideways on the back of the couch for short distances I am MAGIC!! And above all I am faster than the rest of you!! Or @ least that's what mine seems to be saying.
These Bichon Frieses are on the website Small Paws Before and After, I can't go there very often because I will break down and cry. It's a wonderful organization and a wonderful site, take a look and read the heart wrenching stories. Grace was marked Dead on her cage and Spunky was given up by his master because presumably the new bride didn't like him. Check out Small Paws Before and After. Do what your heart tells you to do. And BTW bichons ARE supposed to be harder to train than poodles but they are not dumb. Mine knows by how I dress and whether I get my travel mug out of the dishwasher whether I'm going to work or taking him with. He also knows cheese and cat and bed and we have to spell LOTS of words.
Also mine hates cats, after the 3rd set of rescued kittens I've adopted this summer he's reconciled himself to they might not be so bad, he stops @ letting them snuzzle when he sleeps too much but they do play with him, bat the dog, chase the cat 2 feet, bat the dog, etc. They can be taught very easily, OK they can be spoiled more easily but for a companion dog they can't be beat.

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