Monday, December 29, 2008

From Baghdad, With Love by Jay Kopelman

A story of a dog named Lava and the people he inspired to save him. I got this book for Christmas and I'm not just saying I liked it because it was a gift, it was a great book, not only for the dog story but for the human side of the war.
Like so many others I suspect I followed the war closely @ first, plus my son was over there, but then life got in the way, this book explains what life is really like in Baghdad or was a couple years ago. For this reason this book is just not for dog lovers but everyone who has any stake in the war which means all of us.
Melinda Roth is a co-author with Jay Kopelman, I would like it if they had written a little more verbosely but the short paragraphs lend themselves to the story.
You can buy it @ Amazon here.


ShoppingKharma said...

Once again a very beautiful touching story! Your blog is awesome in that it does give you reason to pause. I wish you continued success and a excellent New Year! I have nominated your blog for the "Lemonade Award".

Keep up the good work!

TC said...

Thank you shoppingkharma, I was wondering if I really had time for all this but your encouragement really made a difference today. THANK YOU