Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Animal Lessons

Right now Mugsey the golden lab is in the chair snoozing, Dispatch the bichon is on the couch snoozing with husband (he got up early early to help my brother load a car on a trailer, bro is 68 and races cars, this one is a 56 chevy, first one he raced). My dogs are always pretty laid back but happy to see me, they say cats are aloof but my kittens race to the car after I stop it when I get home and try to climb in it with me?
So what are the lessons we can learn from these animals? First of all let go, what will be will be. I'm sure the dogs aren't aware of the economic downturn, they do know we didn't GO as much this summer when gas was high because there weren't so many car trips for them to enjoy. Did they pout and worry? No their just glad to have people around WHEN we are around. OK the bichon is a little weird for the first 15 minutes after I get home and he tends to pout when I'm gone and he is here with someone else but otherwise they are just grateful for what they have right NOW. When someone else comes home the animals show their joy at just being in their presence, we don't have to bring food or treats they just want to know we are close.
Sometimes they are overachievers but mostly they just try to please, what ever happens happens and they may not like it but they don't try to force the situation. OK once again the bichon is the exception, if we try to teach the lab tricks the bicon is like I'll do three backflips and walk 10 ft on my hind legs just GIVE ME THE TREAT! He does understand when mommy is on the computer it doesn't always work to do the bichon bounce to try to get me to play either.
2008 may have not been the best year which is an understatement but we in the midwest are rather protected from the economic downturns. My own personal economic crisis came in 2007 and we are much better off than we were last new years. So this new years eve lets be thankful for what we do have, hopefully we in the USA can pull together under the new administration, be thankful for our blessings, and don't forget to step back and just be in the momet. Oh and give your dog or cat or iguana an ear rub of whatever they prefer. Happy HOLIDAYS!!
BTW the story of our Christmas is on the blog florenceview.

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