Friday, December 19, 2008

Queen of The 3 Ninety-Eight Ranch - Another Farrier Bites The Dust!

It was the summer of 99' when finally we found a wonderful farrier who Rosie fell in love with. Not only was his work good, but he was fast. He could do a trim in 10 minutes flat. Rosie loved him and so did we. His prices were reasonable and he was always on time rain or shine.

Our dream farrier moved out of state this past summer and we are still looking for a replacement. In the meantime we tried another mennonite kid. But Rosie did not like him and once again she would not allow him to pick up her hind hooves. He being all of 16 and quite full of himself thought he should try some of his training techniques on her. I advised him this was not a wise decision on his part but he proceeded to try putting a rope around one of her hind feet anyway. Of course Rosie exploded into a wild half crazed bronc! That was enough for me as well, I took the tools away from this kid, calmed Rosie down and trimmed her back hooves myself. The whole time she stood still like we did this daily. When I finished I handed the kid back his tools and said, "It's not the horse, it is YOU! She doesn't like you! Needless to say, he won't be back.
Another farrier bites the dust.
My Christmas List for 2008 is all things "Farrier".
BTW-I'm the other half of the classified ads site I own along with my cousin/sister/best friend, Teresa. This is really her blog, but she gave me an invitation to write alittle about Rosie. I'll also write about my web design business over in the Florence View Blog, . You guessed it, it was named after Pegasus the Flying Horse from Greek Mythology.

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