Sunday, December 21, 2008

Marauding Creatures of the Night

Do these look like marauding creatures of the night? They are, trust me. It started with the crocheted doilies and the glass bowls in the living dining room. Our house is long with the family room/used to be garage @ one end, living/dining room and then the bedrooms, kitchen is off to the side of the living room. The kittens were in the family room, THEN as all of my kittens do they discovered this whole other big wonderful world of HOUSE. Plus two picture windows where they could see for 1/2 mile or more. Only problem was there were lace doilies on the tables by the windows. With glass bowls of potpourri or candy or whatever on various surfaces. Kitty FUN. Then they discovered mama sleeps @ the other end of the house and they could annoy the white bull of fluff most people call a bichon by jumping on the bed and just creating havoc. So the family room door started being shut @ night with kittens imprisoned. Then the family room door started being shut 75% of the time when I discovered a bowl about to be pulled off of a table. Nevermind candlesticks and lamps and various other silly things I have in my living room. (Presently they are jumping in the plant making the leaves crunch that is by the front door, had to go see)
So @ night I shut the door and kitties sleep out here. Last night I couldn't sleep (wasn't a good night, phone calls, cold, etc) so I got up about 3:30 am. Didn't turn on light but I could see the evidence by the computer. Kitties had had a paper towel/paper clip party. Gotten a little wire bowl of paper clips and a almost used roll of paper towels off my husbands desk and shredded and scattered respectively. Not a big mess but still?? Husband says it's time for them to go outside, I said NO, it's too cold. BTW I was feeling guilty about the outside animals being outside and it's so cold (they have a log cabin with straw in it they can go to if they want so please no angry emails). I look outside now and there is a pile of dogs out by the highway romping and playing, the neighbors and mine?? This is on top of a hill in MO and the lawn chair just went scooting across the patio from wind and it's 10 outside?
So I guess the kitties will go outside soon. My husband was raised without animals in the house so I can't really say anything, I have a dog inside, sometimes dogs, sometimes the cats come back in. Supposed to be fairly warm here after our annual before Christmas cold blast and snow/freezing rain storm so maybe I will let them out a bit then.

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