Thursday, July 29, 2010

New York City Bichon Needs Adoption Now!

See this wee tiny baby?  He needs adopted and he needs adopted NOW and I'm in TX and can't do anything about it.  If you knew the hour or two we spent playing with our Bichon Dispatch whom we have had for 7 years and whom growls @ us when we pet him with our feet or play growls sometimes....he's a little white dog with dull teeth.  Anyway euthanizing a bichon is like euthanizing a rabbit because it kicks when you pick it up, basically not much difference.  Or drowning a kitten because it scratched you.  Kittens scratch.  PLUS this dog has shown signs of fear but not agression!!!!  Even if the dog is aggressive it just needs some training.  PLEASE??????
This is what it said on facebook where I got this:
Scheduled to be Euthanized Tomorrow, July 30, 2010 Beyond tomorrow, this dog will no longer be around! PLEASE Call to Foster or Adopt SNOWBALL!!! "Snowball" A867130 – 5 yr. neutered Bichon Frise. OS, 13.5 pounds. Owner said... this dog can become aggressive w/ strangers and other animals (yet showing no aggression at shelter). Needs an appropriate placement who can manage his issues.
neutered male ~ 5 yrs
slightly matted very tense , fearful
showing no signs of aggression
718-272-7203 - Press 0 for operator Shelter is in NYC
I don't know anyone actually in the city, do you? 
email tcscarlet at yahoo dot com with any questions and I will try to find out or direct you to original poster on facebook......


Denise Taylor said...

I hope someone gets him. You would think breed rescue whould grab him from Bichon lovers out there. Facebook is a wonderful thing, hopefully it will work out.

TC said...

I hope it does Denise, he is a bit aggressive...but all dogs can be a bit aggressive.

Jo said...

I would take him in a minute. I live in Vancouver, so if there were some way to get him here...

I hope it works out for him, poor little guy. He's adorable.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

TC said...

Jo, the last I heard he was being rescued MAYBE, I'll email you when/if I find out more.
joven Thanks for stopping by and the compliment, will visit your blog.