Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Turkey Vulture vs Grown Woman------Guess Who Won?

I went to the barn with my husband to store things. I was wandering around (not that I'd try to get out of putting heavy objects up high or anything) and saw what looked like a lump of down feathers in the old cattle loafing shed. It blinked. It finally got up and moved before my husband could see it and then it started HISSING. The horrible sound you hear is a MAD BABY turkey vulture, no crickets, no insects, no airhose, it's a hissing BABY bird. I opened the door, I'm presuming it can get out through the window anyway but he REALLY doesn't like me, more videos on youtube under ambacrombie.


Jo said...

That's AMAZING...! That little so-and-so was hissing at you. I have never seen that before...!

TC said...

There are more videos with mostly sound Jo, I'd never seen it before either, they are hateful creatures anyway but to HISS like that.