Saturday, June 12, 2010

Animal News Including Ceasar Milan Splitting From His Wife.

Ok, my dog (who is REALLY unbrushed in this old picture)
Hasn't done anything interesting today so no new videos.  He did give me his bone grudgingly and growling trying to fake me out but it doesn't work very well if he comes and puts the bone in my hand when I ask?
So we will talk about other things.
Att has a new deal to help you keep track of your dog.  (OK it's 3 months old) it's a sim card inside of a collar, pretty good idea right up there with the blinkie collar which is sort of scary in the middle of the night.

Funny Dog Pictures, OK MORE Funny dog pictures with captions, I don't think I'd seen this one before because I really don't spend all my time surfing, really.  And of course there is the lolcats or celebs for cats and other animals.

Then there is a NYC man who is accused of starving a pittbull and her puppies for the darker side of animal news..WHY?

Cesar Milan and his wife are splitting and NOBODY told me, I guess it happened like a week ago from his web page?

Just because my dog didn't do anything today Chloe the Corgi tested an Ipad.   You can see more @  Which currently has an iphone in a completely sealed long plastic container that perhaps is not meant for an iphone?  It's actually a tech test site which I find interesting, the phone idea not so much.

And each to his own but a wireless crate that is basically a shock collar with a mat?  Wouldn't it be almost as easy to teach the dog to lay somewhere?    I'm not much on shock collars but if they had been invented when I had the Airedale mix that could jump a 5 ft fence they would have been pretty attractive.

Dogblog  has had a series of posts on different options for pet memorials from urns to mummification.  Mugseys  ashes are still on the fireplace mantle in their little gift box type thing.  For those who are new Mugsey used to be a major part of this blog, he was a yellow lab that looked like Marley, he died the end of July last year.

On how stuff works they explain how guard dogs do their job, are trained, how we can help them and what their lives are like.

Here is a man that does beautiful pet portraits.  Read his dogs story with a box of tissues though....


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