Friday, June 18, 2010

Dog Is Tossed Out of Window And Survives, Runs In Traffic

Teddy a bichon from Hastings NZ is back with his family today.  Complete story @ Hawkes Bay today.
The dog disappeared Wednesday night from the family home.  The family has two disabled daughters and Teddy is a companion to them and is a s of therapy dog.  The family also planned on breeding other therapy dogs.

Teddy was evidently thrown from a car window and then police and his owner had to bribe him with food to get him caught but eventually he was caught, dirty and disheveled.

I once participated in an attempted dog rescue like this but I never did find out what happened because the police came but the dog was out of my sight.  I was driving down 110 down to the casinos in Biloxi MS, we lived there and I think I was going shopping for a bar-b-que grill.  My husband had left earlier and had my bichon with him.  All of a sudden I see a little white ball of fur barreling up the exit ramp.  Instincts took over,  swerve to side of road, open car door and try to catch dog as he runs by, he looked @ me like I was the most hideous thing in the world.  It wasn't my dog, it was a Maltese, he's running up the freeway, people are chasing him, everyone is stopping, I'm out running up the highway trying to get people to stop or go around so as to not hit the FAST little white ball of fur.   The dog found an opening in the fence around the highway and the police were below but I couldn't see what happened, he was never in the pound so I'm assuming they found his owners.  That little short legged white dog could BOOK.  It was funny though because almost everyone on the freeway stopped and got out and chased this little dog.


翊芷 said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.................................................................

Jo said...

Oh, how can anyone do that to a darling little dog like that...!!!??? It breaks my heart the things that some people do to animals. And all animals are is unconditional love and trust.

Oh, goodness...!

SquirrelQueen said...

I'm glad to hear Teddy survived and hopefully so did the Maltese.

On occasion I have seen dogs in traffic and it is heartening to see drivers stopping and trying to help.