Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dirty Dog

It was Monday, Monday morning to be exact. Not only was it Monday and time to rage against the machine again but it was raining. Normally the dog does not DO rain. He did this morning.
So before I even got dressed it was bath time for the dog.  He had also discovered something brown and decidedly fragrant.
So evidently I was a little harsh with the brushing and scolding because he wasn't taking brushing well.  Trust me the bichon was not really yelled @ even.  I just hold his head and say "look @ me, aren't you ASHAMED of yourself" while giving my best I am extremely peeved and don't know what I'm going to do mommy look when he growls.    So he quits growling and grovels under my neck so I PLEASE won't give him that horrible mommy look anymore until I have to change what I'm brushing and then we repeat the whole process.  Probably not acceptable doggie behavior but that's how we do it.
So I'm on the computer writing or looking @ how stuff is selling on ebay after the brushing  (countryjunque go check it out soon)   and I look over and THIS is what I see.  You see he never lays under this bench but I suppose he was hiding and invisible?  He is extremely peeved himself.  Then we graduated to this.....
Sitting by the back door on the grandkids sweatshirts they left.  I do believe he is saying just let me outside crazy woman away from you you crazy woman, did I mention you are crazy because you gave me a bath first thing this morning and it's MONDAY for dogs TOO!!
Or @ least that's what I think he said?
I didn't let him out, still wet and raining.  He has gotten mad before after I groom him if I scold him, sometimes he goes and sits in the driveway and looks toward the highway and waits for "daddy" to come home to rescue him from crazy woman.
All is forgiven now though.......I think........


Anonymous said...

Gertie hates baths too!


Anonymous said...
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SquirrelQueen said...

Oh no, an early morning bath. Dispatch is so cute in that last photo, but I think you were getting the evil eye.