Friday, June 11, 2010

Joplin MO Animal Shelter need HELP!!!


All these dogs are SUPER URGENT at the Joplin, MO shelter.

So far this month, the shelter received 1,020 animals and continue to be beyond capacity.

Important CONTACT info you need to know:

►501c3 RESCUES can contact Lysa Buehler at (ONLY RESCUES may use this email address)

►PRIVATE ADOPTERS please contact the shelter at (417-623-3642)

Note from the shelter manager:

We need these dogs pulled ASAP. The local boarding kennel is full and we just cannot hold pending dogs at the shelter for days. If you e-mail and confirm a dog or puppies, please have a plan in motion to get the dogs. We do not have people who transport. We ask $10 to cover the cost of the distemper combo, bordatella and deworming. Health certs with Rabies vaccine are $20, but we prefer that you get the health cert as we will have to drive the dogs to a vet; we have no vet on staff. After the Holiday, boarding MAY be available at Golden Paws for $8 day. You will ned to contact them to pay the boarding fee...they are a HUGE help to us and we want to keep this happy arrangement going!

Here is the complete photo album:
Location: Joplin, MO
I'm looking @ the photo album and I see some Pit Bulls but I also see spaniels, hound looking dogs, definite boxer type dogs, mixed lab dogs, an australian shepherd, one of those little white dogs that are so near and dear to my heart, a german shepherd or 20, and many terriers like Spot, sort of medium sized, inside outside dogs...Please help if you can...I got this off of facebook but I'm like really sure they don't mind..

Here's a picture of how we treat adopted pets @ our house....JUST KIDDING, this was over 20 years ago, didn't have a small bottle right then, my daughter, she takes care of animals for a living now, be afraid, be very afraid.........LOL

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