Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's Going On At Our House

Not much, that's for sure, I probably should have wrote this on Florence View but since everyone reads this one (maybe because it's the only one I post to regularly with any hope of something interesting) I decided to put it here.

First of all the picture of my legs (see previous two posts for the story of the blood clot and the fat legs), see how cleverly I covered my face, BTW I am fully clothed with shorts and a top and am resting. That lasted long enough to take the picture but I'm going back, leg is straight and elevated now I promise.

See all the junk behind me, that needs picked up and the desk needs cleaned, OK you realy can't see it but it's there trust me, can't file if I can't walk around much huh? OK maybe that's an excuse and I need to do that later today. I also need to plant, mow, weed, clean, dust and wash, plus pack for my trip to Louisiana that MIGHT GET DELAYED! Something about not letting me drive 700 miles with a blood clot. I'm prepared to bargain, I'll use the cruise control and stop every 100 miles and walk a bit? Doubt if that would make the doctor happy but we will just have to see what kind of blood clot it is. PLUS my daughter and "friend" are coming next week so it would be nice since he's like a neat person if the house wasn't like germy and messy or @ least not ready to be condemmed? See my nice flip flop lines on my feet, you know you don't dare call them thongs anmore or you get really strange looks?

Now I'm wondering if animals can really sense when you are injured or hurt. My dogs are sleeping, the cat does seem to be more attentive than usual but that problem was solved when I filled the large graniteware pan they call a food bowl. These are the dogs being worried. Part of the family room is still concrete (Mugsey is laying there because it's the coolest place) because it used to be a garage that was half carpeted. It's still half carpeted, with the wear and tear this room gets I just can't see new carpet but we will have to eventually. Anyway the dogs could care less, Dispatch does sleep by that leg that is swelling quite a bit I've noticed.

So why this obsession with weeding and mowing? Here's the front of the house, see the overgrown flowerbed? I didn't pick the hose up because I'm not supposed to be walking much you see?

Then there is all this lawn, see the line of yellowish grass way in the distance down by the white house, we mow to there, soon this will be hay, thanks to my handy dandy cousin who does it, my husband would love to do it but this involves much time and about $10,000 worth of equipment we don't have. The pile of brush beyond the lawn furniture, I drug that over there yesterday, we are having a wienie roast next Tuesday night, I bet I can do that with my leg elevated! Anyway I usually do carry the brush off but have been stockpiling it from the storms

Here's the view to the north, see the yellowish grass there, we mow to there, and here's the log cabin I'm always talking about. We mow over there too. No it doesn't need mowed right now, I just finished by the cabin but it will soon need mowed over on this side of the driveway. Luckily my (jailers) grandsons are coming over later to watch me lay on the couch, they probably won't let me blog much unless I find something to bribe them with or use the laptop which gets hot and probably won't work on the couch. I do have ice cream in the freezer which can be used for currency, I can also let them go fish! I bet fishing is out until the ultrasound tomorrow too huh? I just don't see the difference between what I've been doing the last few days and what I do the next two till I get some dumb test? Other than work like @ my "real" job. Can you tell I'm not a good patient? Now for animal related stuff, if you haven't read Merle's Door by Ted Kerasote I highly recommend it, I'm reading it for the second time. OK, I storied about having nothing to read. Merle is approximately the same mixed breed as Mugsey, see photo above. Mugsey chases butterflies and vultures, Merle chased buffalo and prarie dogs, Merle was OK with rifles and hated shotguns? Mugsey hates anything that is above a normal speaking tone and goes into a trembling fit. Also Merle seemed to be much more shall we say active than Mugsey? Merle also seemed to have more personality or maybe it's just an active personality, one that doesn't involve snuggling and sleeping a great deal of the time like Mugsey. Mugsey is all about being a lap dog you see if he can get away with it. All people other than Mama and Daddy are subject to him crawling on the couch with them and then slowly inching his way onto their laps unless stopped. Since he's close to 50 lb probably (haven't weighed him lately and I bet I'm not supposed to go pick him up now because of my stupid LEG) him being on peoples laps is really not an option. I have also seen Mugsey hide behind Dispatch when they were "attacking" something like the strange hound that was in the yard yesterday. Not a pretty sight!

Back to my couch and book. I've also been reading Rubinman's mamas blog Forever Amber which is hilarious and Me and My Dogs (OK just the dog parts not much of the politics, I love Buttercup) and of course blogs like MzzLily's blahwg!, SquirrelQueens The Road to Here, see how neatly I got those in there? :-)


MzzLily said...

Thanks for the special mention! REST! I can't believe you are considering driving that far! I've known people to die from that!

I do hope you get $$$ from the hay. Around here it's usually split 50/50. Our prices are down this year, so the bailer and land owner are splitting the $3/bale for first cut grass hay. We have a neighbor that we buy from. He doesn't do anything but come out and collect the money.

We hope to get some old equipment soon and save ourselves half the money.

Yes, I think animals do know & understand sickness. I've seen them demonstrate it many times!

TC said...

I think we've been getting $10 a bale for our half, they are the BIG bales.
My husband is a truck driver, and I used to go along, I have my cdl, we did LA to Oklahoma City in 19 hours once which figures out to be like 70 mph average. BUT the driving isn't good for the legs.
I know my animals can sense my mood, I'm thinking I'm not really injured or sick or whatever because they are ignoring me but the leg just told me it would like to go up so I guess I'll put it up!

TC said...

Oh yeah, MzzLily, you are welcome for the special mention and I have been laying in the sun, can't get much more restful than that? Now it's hot and I think I'll try the couch.

Denise Taylor said...

Blog clots can be dangerous if you're not extra cautious. The doctor just wants to make sure you're okay. You have a legitimate excuse not to clean and to have people wait on you. Take advantage of it, it might not happen again =)

TC said...

I know Denise I should be loving this but it's like I'm off work I need to be doing SOMETHING. I think it's that German work ethic stuff coming out which didn't prevent me from laying in the sun or taking a nap today!
Thanks for stopping in.

chicamom85 said...

You do not have fat legs! Please be careful and take it easy. You have a beautiful yard. Mugsy and Dispatch love you and want Mommy to be ok, so rest and elevate.
When you are up probably when you shouldn't be, please check out this blog. It has really touched me.

Thanks and get well Anne

TC said...

Anne I've been like really good today, spent more time laying on my back than.... well in a long long time, probably since I had lyme, thought I was going to say something else?

Thanks about my legs, my mother told me once they'd never be as good looking as hers, true story but she was like 5'8" and probably right!

Daughter is bringing my little jailers over soon and I've had a visitor and like 3 different people calling and checking on me, leg is just barely pink and swollen.

Going to website you talked about now since I'm upright!! LOL

SquirrelQueen said...

Enjoy it while you can but then you sound so much like me, I make a horrible patient. I always see the things that need to be done and it make me a little crazy that I can't get to it. But don't and take it easy.

Animals just know, I'm not sure if it's because the routine is broken or if they can sense our pain. My cats have always curled up next to me when I'm not feeling well.

And, just for the record, good looking legs.


SquirrelQueen said...

Oh, and thanks for the mention. And make them move the computer over to you or better yet the couch to the computer. LOL


TC said...

Judy, HELP, the inmates have taken over the asylum!!
Actually the grandkids are watching me which is about the same thing.
I'm trying to overlook the clothes on the floor, the kids have started the dryer and the dishwasher. They can also get coffee and run errands, we have had that little discussion that I MUST get up to go to the bathroom though!!
Your welcome about the mention and thanks about the legs, they just looked so FAT in the other picture!! ;-)
The do let me on the computer once in awhile as you can see! Nice jailers.
Actually Dispatch has developed a totally new attitude toward my daughter today, he doesn't HATE her he actually loves her and craves her attention but is leery of her, only dog that acts that way toward her and she makes him behave. Anyway she came over this afternoon and brought groceries and he is like, so happy to see you, did you know mama was sick, are you taking care of her, he's like totally relaxed and enjoying her. Maybe he does know?

TC said...

Oh yeah, leg looks NOTHING like it did the other night, it's pink and a bit swollen but you have to LOOK to see it. Staying off of it did help it.

AL said...

Very well said TC, animals can sense if there's something wrong with their Moms or their Masters. Coffee stayed under my bed when I got ill, he never leaves my room and sometimes sluggish.

The flip flop lines are okay, I got them too LOL but I stopped wearing them cos my feet looks odd when I wear stilettos, just imagine hahaha. Just to cheer you up. You take care TC


hostagirl said...

Hi TC, Thanks for stopping by my blog lifeofapoundpuppy. Your dogs are wonderful and your blog is a great read. I will be checking back to hear your doctors report. I do hope all is well and you will be up an around in no time. I know you will, you have wonderful dog nurses to help you!

TC said...

AL I do think Dispatch knew there was something wrong and my daughter was there to take care of it. It was like he was a different dog around her? Their animosity started when she pulled the hair out of his ears and gave him a haircut.
LOL on the stilettos with flip flop lines. If for some unknown reason I had to wear my good shoes my feet would be zebra striped for sure!

TC said...

hostagirl you are welcome, I'm still reading your blog. I loved the (your) telling of the first few months of mistaya's life.
I'm putting a post on now and will be sure to when I know more about my leg. That is I think I'm putting a post on now our internet has us slowed down!