Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog Walker Trampled By Cows And A Crocodile Story

This is not a funny story or a good one but proves large animals can be protective and even lethal. A woman was walking her two dogs in England, evidently they walked by a herd of cows with calves. The cows felt threatened and attacked. As the little kid who had to go after the cows every evening before milking I can attest they will turn mean on you. As an adult I've been chased while trying to round up the neighbors cows who had escaped and didn't want to loose their newly acquired freedom. Actually it was a young bull, not a cow exactly. I can jump fences with one hand thank you or I could then.
Link here.

This isn't exactly about animals but worth mentioning. In Australia two friends flew into a remote area to camp, they were flying over a saltwater crocodile infested lake and crashed. The pilot had only minor injuries but the passenger was more severely injured. The pilot buried his friend in sand because he thought the chances of immediate rescue were slim and it was getting cold. At last word they were both safe after being rescued when the pilot used a satellite phone to alert rescuers, the friend who was buried is in serious but stable condition. Humans- 2, Crocodiles- 0.
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Have a good day, we as well as most of the midwest have heat warnings so make sure your outside pets have shelter and plenty of water and the inside ones have plenty of water and are cool enough. As for Dispatch he is laying behind me in the computer chair, it's morning nap time, it's hot enough that he doesn't want to stay outside if I'm on the mower or using the weedeater, he'd just as soon stay in the air conditioning and tell me how I shouldn't be out there without him from his seat by the window!


Checkers said...

i'm staying away from cows -
And alligators - no way!!!!!

MzzLily said...

I'm in my window seat too! It's not dangerously hot here, just miserably hot. To me, anything over 72 is miserably hot!

chicamom85 said...

Very good advice about the heat, it can never be said enough. Anne

My Mom gives me lots of fresh water and I am sitting by her computer now and I am very comfortable.I am not going to play with any cows

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Rae said...

I was chased by cows on my uncles farm as a kid- scared me to death.

Dispatch is an awfully smart dog!

SquirrelQueen said...

We did a little housesitting on a farm one summer and the neighbors cows keep coming over to eat our grass, they were a little on the agressive side. But when I discovered they were terrified of the tractor let's just say it was me who did the chasing.

Good advice on the heat and water, Miss Cindi Lou has water in the house but I also make sure there is fresh water outside for her and any other cat who comes by to visit.

TC said...

MzzLily, Chicamom85, Rae and Squirrel Queen, I think we have reached a consensus, no playing with cows (unless you have a tractor and are on it), and stay out of the heat if at all possible!!
I thought I'd replied before but evidently it didn't go through??