Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Been A Great Day

Did I tell you I had 30,000 hits on this site? If I didn't look to the right below, and the last post. (and more pictures of my bichon frise, talk about repetative AND I'm going to talk about blood clots--but I feel I must) My grandkids say I've refreshed quite a bit or I have 10 friends that go here all the time. They are lovely children. They really are, they took care of me while I was waiting to go have an ultrasound for a blood clot @ the hospital. I should have taken pictures while they were here but they told me to blog about how great they were. So I am, they emptied the dishwasher, changed the sheets on the king sized bed, ummmm, picked up and fed themselves, went and got me coffee and other necessities of life, oh yeah they took the trash out. The picture below is Dispatch smelling where they had their slip and slide, I noticed he went out there and kept sniffing where it was, then I realized he was looking for them. They really are good kids, the oldest was vacuuming when I got home from getting my test done or trying, the vacuum tripped a breaker with the ac in this end of the house. We are having a wienie roast next Tuesday when their Aunt comes in from KS (with her little dog Toto, I'm kidding, I don't think she has a dog yet and hopefully it won't be named Toto). They are gone home now and all is quiet. Nobody is streaking but we won't talk about that part, apologies to people on the highway. My favorite line from the whole grandkid taking care of grandma thing came when I was up going to go to the bathroom.
Zach: "Grandma, what are you doing up?"
Me: "Going to go to the bathroom." Ok maybe I added "is that ok?" or "would you like to do it for me?" Grandma can be rather snide @ times obviously.
I fiddled around in the kitchen which is not obviously the bathroom, headed down the hall for one of the bathrooms down there, thought about what I'd forgotten to do in the kitchen, went back there..........
Zach: "Grandma, pick a bathroom and GO to it!"
Me: "Yes sir." Thinking OK, oh bossy one soon I will be able to walk freely. The kids did say after I was allowed to walk around they liked me better when I couldn't move????? But they were really good as always. Nobody cried hardly and I don't think we had even one serious punch the whole time.

My test results from the ultrasound? Taa Daaaa-----I do have a blood clot or clots everybody seemed to be rather rushed since it was Friday afternoon, I had the NICEST radiologist though or he had a fancy name for it but we will call him a radiologist since I can remember that word. We knew quite a few of the same people and had some good conversation. But the blood clot is superficial which means close to the skin, I evidently have some pretty thick skin because no way can you see it, maybe it's that nice layer of padding on my legs that look fat in certain pictures, see 3 posts back. So the prognosis? I can go to Louisiana, I can go back to work, I need to not sit or stand in one place for long periods of time, and I need to take Plavix and a baby aspirin daily and if anything else goes on with my leg contact the doctor IMMEDIATELY. Why am I so overjoyed @ this? It's MUCH better than a deep blood clot, keeping my leg up, not being able to work (even though I have 5 days left), having to do injections of blood thinner and just a much worse senario. So today is a pretty good day and Dispatch the bichon obliged by posing quite nicely and looking good even though I didn't get around to brushing him yet.He even looked at me when I took a picture, well sort of in the distance when he figured out the evil flash from the camera wasn't going to go off, I actually think he was sort of getting into posing?

So that was my day, I hope your Friday was as good?


MzzLily said...

Great news! Still a concern, but better than the other. I'm glad you're back on your feet. Pretty pics too!

AL said...

That's good news! Dispatch can sense that everything will be okay with you and Dispatch's picture speaks for itself!


chicamom85 said...

I am so glad that the news was good. Nice stories about your grandchildren, it was fun to read. Anne

Dispatch you look beautiful in your pictures, I am sorry that your playmates have gone for now, but i bet you can snuggle with Mom. How is that slip and slide thing, is it fun?

licks and sniffs, Sasha

SquirrelQueen said...

That is really good news. I know you are happy that you can get on with things like the trip.

Cute photos of Dispatch, just trying to find the fun playmates.

Have a great weekend,

PS, not Kansas even though those photos make it look really flat. If I had turned around in the opposite direction it's all mountains.

TC said...

Thanks MzzLily, it is still a concern but a relief to say the least.

TC said...

AL I do believe you are right, he does look and act happier doesn't he?

TC said...

Anne, glad you enjoyed the stories, they were good kids, I should say they are good all the time!
Sasha this is Dispatch, I dunno how the slip and slide was but I watched the kids so none of them escaped and like wandered off or fell or something, I have to keep them all together ya know. I whine if one goes outside and wanders around in my sight till they come back in where I can bark @ them.
licks and sniffs Dispatch

TC said...

Yes Judy I am REALLY happy I can go on that trip, I'd been planning a semi nomad lifestyle and then to be told I couldn't travel?
Thanks about the pics of Dis, I think he's cute and he thinks he's cute but we aren't too sure about the rest of the world. LOL
Isn't it funny how one side can be so flat and the other mountains? Of course here it's pasture for a ways and then hills everywhere.

Jo said...

I'm glad you're okay. Sitting for too long can be dangerous, so get up and walk every 15 minutes or so. Glad you had it diagnosed.

Your dog is a hoot. :-) Gorgeous! One of my co-workers as a buchon frise, and they're smart dogs!

TC said...

Thanks Jo, dog thinks he's a hoot too! We just finished the nightly greeting ritual of having to rub our heads together really hard, his idea not mine.

I try getting up every half an hour or so, I'm glad I had it diagnosed too before something worse happened! It's much better after taking the two days off.

Lille Diane said...

Oh this is GREAT news!!!! I am so happy to hear the result. I'm sure that must have been scary, and frustrating waiting, wondering, worrying.

Your grand kids sound so funny. Hard to imagine their grandma is a hip chick, huh? LOL They just don't know it yet but you invented cool chick.
Love the pix, and the post.

Thank you for coming to visit me faithfully while I was going through my dental phobias and work. I really appreciate all the kind and encouraging words. Let me know when you're going--ok? I'll come keep you company. :-)

Enjoy your trip to LA.
Big Hugzzzz~

TC said...

Thanks Lille Diane, you are so right the grandkids just don't appreciate cool chick, they are starting to realize I'm not quite like all the other grandmas.
Big Hugzzz to you too.
I'm going to the dentist Wednesday, should just be a cap I think. I don't think he understands that I won't be around for a bit. Should be a fun day all around, have to get drivers license renewed which practically involves giving blood and getting fingerprinted here in MO.

Poet said...

A Bichon Frise is very much like a poodle--same family. I used to have a poodle. Very smart dogs, very soft fur. Thanks for the good, clean, intelligent blog article.

TC said...

Poet you are welcome, I don't know about intelligent or good but I try to keep it fairly clean. I just saw on "It's the Dog or Me" that bichons are some of the most intelligent dogs.