Friday, June 26, 2009

Thirty Thousand But Who's Counting?

Whoo HOOOO!!! See that little counter way down on the right hand side. That's how many visits to my site I've gotten! I know there are others that have way more but I remember when I was ecstatic over 100 visitors a day or anything close to that. Now I know they don't all return, I know some don't even read, they look and say bye bye, I know that some are repeat readers and say 2000 of those views are me refreshing the pages? But still 30,000 is more than I'd hoped for since this blog hasn't been around that long so today is a day of celebration even though I have to spend part of it @ the hospital. May I repeat? WHOOO HOOOO!!!

I thank each and every one of my followers and readers. My relatives and friends want to thank you also because they are no longer getting such long involved emails from me because I blog. Sometimes they do come here to find out what is going on also, the pictures of my leg proved of great interest. See last two posts. Also I will update on what the doctor said this afternoon or evening when I get home from ultrasound. It's much better today after staying off of it most of the day yesterday. The (jailers) grandkids are doing their job well watching me, I think they are getting points or something to be able to yell "Grandma, WHAT are you doing UP?" And my reply is usually I'm going to the bathroom is that allowed??? Actually we are getting along great, they are still asleep so I am allowed to be @ the computer. Their mama brought snacks and a slip n slide so they are happy. She also made them a list of things to do which I think is GREAT!

Since this blog is about animals we've been talking about their reaction to sickness. When I had lyme Dispatch the bichon was by my side constantly, being as he's by my side constantly anyway that wasn't much of a test. No really he didn't pay as much attention to other people he stayed by me even if I slept 23 out of 24 hours which I did some days. If I am upset about something Dispatch immediatly knows and is all lovey wanting to snuggle. If I have a cold he is very concerned trying to figure out if I'm crying or just have a runny nose. Bichons are like extremely people oriented dogs though, they could care less if other dogs are around as long as they have their person or people. I mean he plays with other dogs but as far as he is concerned he is part of the family unit (and a very important part too!).

My oldest daughter and Dispatch have always had a love/hate relationship. She says he thinks he's better than she is and doesn't want to listen to her. There may be a bit of truth in that. She used to pull the hair out of his ears for me (necessary on a bichon) and give him haircuts, trim his nails, all the things that he wasn't happy with she would do for me so he wouldn't hate me. OK, I was weird not the dog, K? Dispatch was always VERY happy to have JJ pet him, he just didn't want to get close to her without mama. She also gave him this haircut which took forever to grow out, the picture is my husband turning our garage into a family room and the bad haircut dog. The couch is no longer with us thank goodness, I grew up with this couch and it's complete set of navajo rugs and covered wagon lamps to go with it. Can we say 50's kitsch? Sorry Mom.
So Dispatch the bichon LOVES my daughters kids, is so happy to see them, would go home with THEM (not her) I think. All the other dogs worship the ground JJ, my daughter walks on especially Mugsey who thinks he should be hers since she loves him SO MUCH and he will crawl on her lap to prove it. Down through the years Dispatch has gotten better with JJ but he still remembers the hair pullings and nail trimmings and she makes him sit and stay and she MEANS IT. BTW I do the haircutting, nail trimming, ear hair pulling now and make him listen and he is fine with it. He does run to Daddy if I get the hairbrush out though. This is a picture of my daughter and Dispatch when she helped me groom him in January, why did she help? She was there and he will sit still for her. He is trying to get away in this picture. She has my tight lipped look on, the one where the kids say our lips disappear?

So yesterday when my lovely wonderful daughter (yes they read this @ her work but that's not why I'm saying it) came over we expected Dispatch would be like glued to me and watching her for any sudden moves or commands. She brought groceries and looked @ my leg first thing and Dispatch is like HAPPY Dispatch, the bichon that is normally here with the kids. It was like he knew that they were here to help? I know dogs can sense their owners moods and maybe I was relieved to have company but this was weird. He's like playing with the kids and helping Sara my granddaughter play with her paper dolls, which are magnetic BTW they don't make them like they used to. Anyway Dispatch is completely relaxed glad to have JJ pet him, down on the floor wandering, it's just like he's forgiven her for making him sit when he didn't want to (mama going out door) or doing the dreaded nail cutting, ear thing.

So what does your dog do when you are sick or injured? Is there a family member that the dog treats funny and then decide that said family member may just be A-OK in their book after something happens?


chicamom85 said...

First I am glad to hear that you are feeling a little better and I will say a prayer for you today. Hopefully this will soon be a distant memory. Sasha also has the hair in the ear thing but I take her to the vet as she bites me. AT the vet I think she is too scared to do anything. My Sasha loves her Mommy and when I am sick or just sad, she gets upset with me but stays by me side and sometimes won't let anyone else near. She will bark at even my husband and daughter whom she loves. She is very defensive of me.

Dispatch, I hate that ear pulling thing too, isn't that aweful, what are they thinking? Just yanking hair out by the roots. Can you blame me for biting? I love my Mom and I don't like when she is sick, take care of your Mommy

licks and sniffs, Sasha

TC said...

Thanks Anne, and thanks for the prayer. Even if it's a deep blood clot medicine will dissolve it but will be an inconvenience.
My grandson just came out wearing my boots, he's 9 and they fit?

Dispatch says hi Sasha, and lately mama has just been pulling what comes out really easily, some place she heard that is enough? They say I have REALLY hairy ears though, I think it's manly?
licks and sniffs from Dis

Rae said...

Congrats on the 30,000.
Dispatch is quite a character. I think he is the boss in your family.

MzzLily said...

My mare takes the prize for emotion! She loves for me to cradle her HUGE head in my arms and lay my head on hers. This started with her being sick instead of me... the night she got collick. It was one of those nights that start out comfortable, but then the cold rain hits and the temp drops 30 degrees! I spent the night in the barn and walking her in the rain. I was so cold but couldn't leave her long enough to go get a coat. We would walk around the paddock for a while, then back to the stall. I sat a chair in the stall door to rest and she would lay her chin on my leg and want me to cuddle her head. It's been 'our thing' ever since!

TC said...

Thanks Rae, Dispatch the boss? :-O that's pretend shock. My husband always says Dispatch thinks he's the boss.

TC said...

OK MzzLily, I thought Dispatch was spoiled? Out without a coat in that weather? Seriously I can tell how much you love your mare and how much she loves you.
BTW I'm back from the hospital, waiting for the doctors office to call but as far as I know it's superficial which is GOOD.

AL said...

Hi TC, you sound like you're okay now! 30450 views is a WOW I could get on a chair and scream at the top of my lungs yelling I GOT 30000 VIEWS!! Then everyone just stares at you...haha they don't any idea how fulfilling was that to us bloggers. Congratulations.

I have mentioned this earlier on your blog, that my dogs especially Scott when he was still around, just stays and sleeps under my bed all day long same with Coffee I think they have that instinct. They know if you're not doing your daily routine, there's something wrong.

Coffee says Hello to Dispatch.:)

Be safe.


TC said...

I've told ya the miniseries of my blogging career before AL haven't I, I left it alone basically for a couple months and I had 9000 views? Why???? So I decided I'd better start writing again, maybe there was something to this. LOL

I know the animals can sense what's going on. Dispatch is back to his old obnoxious self now, he thinks he chased off a hound, he throws up so much grass in the air when he goes potty pretty soon I won't have to mow!

Debra Taylor said...

Dogs really are so amazingly forgiving. And I really love your 'about me' to the right. It says so much and is interesting, too.

Check out my blog about a colony of abandoned/feral cats near my home. There will be stories there as time goes on that could inspire and inform anyone you know who wants to help homeless cats.

Would you add me to your blog list?

TC said...

Will be honored to add you to my blog list Debra, great cause!

SquirrelQueen said...

Mmmm, this is weird! I came over to see how you were doing and I don't see the comment I left (or thought I left). I remember congrats on the 30,000 cause I did it as 30K. I must be losing it!

Anyhow, just wondering how it going. It's been way too long and you are missed. Hope all is going well.


TC said...

Thanks for visiting SquirrelQueen, I can count on you, so sorry I've been gone so long. Back now, hopefully every day or almost, trip again next week but just gone a few days!