Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three Dog Stories And A Raccoon Tale

Jeter a Great Pyrenees rescue dog saved his family from a fire but died himself when he reentered the family home in Ohio.
Read about it here.

In Illinois a mixed breed dog named Redbelly found a newborn infant and alerted his master thus saving the baby's life. The baby had been left outside in the rain, the mother is facing charges but the baby is safe.
Details here.

In Guangzhou China, dog owners will be asked to get rid of all but one of their dogs on July 1. This policy is already in effect in other Chinese cities.
You can read about it here. Chinese dog owners are obviously upset and hope the policy is not strictly enforced.

In Tulsa Oklahoma a soda machine dispensed more than pop. Two baby raccoons were inside, a skunk whisperer (a new employment opportunity if I ever heard of one, sorry couldn't resist) was utilized as well as a vending machine employee to rescue the animals who will be released into the wild after rehabilitation.
Link here.

Here in Missouri? My son came down with his girlfriend. My bichon is not my sons best friend, partly because he likes to tease him, not mean, they play with each other. After a supper of pizza and wine I am going to mow some more while it's not raining. The picture? It's Dispatch in my granddaughters tutu that I made her for her first halloween. Dispatch wasn't impressed with it @ all. For some reason I got the idea to dress him in it last year. BTW I had on no makeup. LOL Notice Mugsey in the background hoping I don't get the idea the Labrador needs to wear a tutu also?


SquirrelQueen said...

Good stories, the raccoon babies are so cute. The Chinese city and the one dog law, the idea is to reduce the number of strays but what do they think will happen to all the pets people give up probably even more strays. A very silly law.

Dispatch is so cute in the tutu but Mugsey seems to be trying to move as far away as possible. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend,

Checkers said...

the tutu is adorable........

TC said...

Yes Judy the Chinese law seems to be arranged so it actually causes more problems than it prevents?

Mugsey does shy well away of anything involving Dispatch that looks like it's not like playing, petting, food, or bed. Clothes, baths, etc, he'd just as soon forget. As well as leashes or anything to do with obedience.

My weekend has been good except I have to work. Hope yours is excellent!!

AL said...

Two child policy, now it's one dog policy what's next? And that's completely absurd! Where do they think they'll bring all those abandoned dogs?

I hate to say this...but dog meat is not suitable for human consumption. If you know what I mean. That's all.


TC said...

Thanks Checkers, Dispatch put up with it, he said he couldn't walk in it though?

TC said...

AL I have no idea what they think people are going to do with their other dogs. Like the one lady said she's registering her other one in her parents name, I imagine most will do that, I hope.

chicamom85 said...

I am glad to live in the USA after that first one and the baby story is incredible. God was guiding that dog to that baby. Unbelievable. I love the tutu. Don't tell Sasha but we found a little doggy grass skirt at Target, so she will be dressed up soon. I hope I don't get bit.


AL said...

Hi TC it's me again, please visit my new blog if you have time. See you there!


TC said...

chicamom85 OOOOHHH a grass skirt for Sasha, I can't wait. Hope all goes well with the fashion parade.

TC said...

AL how exciting, I will take time from my busy schedule (read it's hot and I don't want to mow) and go have a look!