Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Snake That Ate Good Friday

OK, the snake didn't actually eat Good Friday but we won't forget this Good Friday for a bit.  The pictures above are my husband first and my SIL second.  They are not small men.  This is part of the story.  Oh and I call the picture of my husband turkey daze because that's what he was in the day after Turkey day 2007 when it was taken, he does own a clean coat too but had been in the barn or somewhere.
The story?
I got dsl last week, I had dsl before but it was dsl and then over wireless like 300 yards and well this is faster.  So my daughter, SIL, and kids were over last Friday, we were getting ready for our traditional meal of Casey's pizza and had scattered to various positions around the family room either watching tv or playing on a computer, had 3 computers in family room and were really getting into this fast computer stuff.  Anyway I was setting up the laptop on a big desk for my grandson, this desk used to be my fathers for years and then I put a top on it from Pottery barn, hidden by the side is a surge protector.  Grandson said what is that on surge protector.  "A snake?"  As I was taking my 3rd step in 20 feet exiting the room I said "yes."  My SIL said something about gloves and I honestly wasn't running away, all the gloves were in the other end of the house.  When I got back with the heavy leather gloves my SIL was holding up the couch in the family room and my husband was stomping the snake in his stocking feet, evidently the snake had tried to escape across the desk and under the couch.  I was really hoping the snake wasn't poisonous @ that point.  It wasn't, some sort of bull snake or garter snake.  They do NOT belong in the house however and WILL BE KILLED in the house.  End of subject.
Go ahead say ewwwwwww snakes in the house.  This part of the house wasn't really meant to be lived in, it's a converted garage without carpet on part of it.  I had it all sealed up because we had a problem with ringnecks years ago and hadn't had much of a problem since then but the screen door doesn't always shut tight and it was going to get colder over the weekend.  So Mr. Snake decided he would come in and curl up around the nice warm surge protector.  He was actually less than a foot and smaller than my finger but still.......I wear flip flops and turn the light on now before I come out here but I did sleep out here on the couch, didn't freak me out THAT bad.
But I won't forget the image of two BIG men killing this snake, I mean I'm glad they did but it was really pretty funny, snake didn't stand a chance...and you all know I really do love animals, snakes in the house are right where I draw the line though!


AL said...

Okay speaking of snakes, with the current drought we are having at present, snakes are natural sights in some backyards because they are seeking for water, just give them water TC, they might be thirsty hahaha.


MISTAYA said...

I am right there with you about snakes in my house or just about anywhere else!! The picture in my mind of two grown men stomping this thing is quite a picture!!! Gail & Mistaya

SquirrelQueen said...

No ewww's but an awww for the poor snake. The snakes keep the mouse population down so they are my friends.

It must have been funny however to see those two big guys battling a itty bitty snake, lol!

Oh and glad to hear you got your dsl.

kathryn said...

Oh, God...I'm totally with you. Live and let live...but not in MY HOUSE!

(Can't blame him for wanting to be warm, I guess...)