Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dog Overboard or Dog Over-truck?

I have no pictures, happened too suddenly...we were driving from TX to Kansas City.  The roads were snow covered from Adair Oklahoma on...we took the back way.  In a big truck.  In the snow.  With people off in the ditch everywhere, well their cars were off and the people were still in the majority of em.  Anyway we stopped in Seneca Missouri to clean off  icy windshield wipers because they weren't doing their job especially on my side of the truck and it was really important I see so my various muscles could clench appropriately (we won't go into that).  I opened my door and started to reach around to the windshield wiper to slap it up and down and all of a sudden the Bichon Frise, Dispatch, is tumbling out and down, it's about 5 ft and the truck was stopped, he landed in a couple inches of water and slush.  It was a slow motion tumble I think he was trying to catch himself on every step.  He landed pretty well upright in the water and looks up indignant as h*!!, like you stupid woman, why'd you do that!! Get down here and PICK ME UP.  He was fine, a bit wet but not even really shaken up.  His pride was injured though.
BUT get this?  He still like jumps from the truck to my shoulder when I tell him it's time to get out, evidently he's still not afraid of heights.
Driving was a different story though...he was shivering and scared...I'm thinking why is this dog so scared of the snow?  Part of it was the noise the slush makes and if the snow plow decided to plow the shoulder of the 4 lane we would end up on rumble strips for a bit.  My husband says dog was tense because I was.  We saw @ least 100 cars off in the ditch in the last 150 miles or so, I think I had a right to be tense?  Especially when they would spin out about 1/4 of a mile ahead of us.
I've been a bad bad blogger, I've been freelancing for a web designer and trying to keep up with husband.  I've promised to do better but I haven't......I do think about you all..


Lily Robinson said...

Poor Dispatch. Isn't that Murphy's Law... you can't fall without landing in something wet or dirty.

Bev said...

OMD!! Poor Dispatch! There's nothing worse than getting wet--especially wet from slush.

TC--I've been meaning to contact you. We're having an online Bichon Bash as a fundraiser for Small Paws Rescue in memory of my Bailey. We're pawtying until March 31! Come visit!

Lily Robinson said...

Back again...

Just letting you know that I've moved my blog, Blahwg! There is a link to the new location on the old page. Might as well UN-follow the old one... I won't be posting there anymore. Didn't want to lose you.

SquirrelQueen said...

Aw, poor Dispatch. I can just see him standing the the puddle demanding to be picked up .... now!

I've been a bad blogger too, there is always so much to do in the spring.

MISTAYA said...

Dispatch, I am sorry you fell out of the truck and I am very glad yoiu are okay. Please tell your mom not to worry, that we will be right here when she isn't so busy and can post again. We do miss you, Hugs and wags, Mistaya