Friday, April 30, 2010

Dog Says Sniff Your Own Drugs

I do do more than go through border patrol stations but the dog @ this one by Laredo struck me as funny today, this isn't a picture of him, he was shepherd and greyhound.  The Border Patrol was sort of dragging the dog around (it's April 30 and 103 in Laredo) the dog seemed to be saying "You want drugs sniffed, FORGET  (or insert a more appropriate f word)  it, YOU GO SNIFF your own DRUGS, it's just too HOT.  Aliens?  Let em in if they have fans or a/c!!"
And I have been on a diet but someone should tell my husband that I don't consider walking up and down a hill after a fax in 103 degree heat to be the proper exercise, especially within sight of the Mexican Border.  Just Saying.......

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MISTAYA said...

I can not blame that poor dog from not wanting to work that hard in the heat of Texas. I too am on a diet and there is no way I want to walk up a hill and back in that heat..not even for a fax! Unless it is a form I filled out because I won the big powerball. But then I could hire some one to fax it for me couldn't I!!! Gail and Mistaya