Saturday, May 1, 2010

Robeson County Animal Shelter In North Carolina Euthanized Animals Without Allowing Adoption!!!

Link to Article about a North Carolina's seemingly senseless and cruel euthanasia policy.

The suit alleges that Bass euthanized a dog in April after Barrett told him she planned to adopt it. Barrett was waiting in the parking lot when Bass killed the dog, and Bass knew she was there, the suit claims. Other animal rescue groups signed on to the suit make similar allegations.

In 2009, the rural shelter took in more than 5,100 stray cats and dogs, according to county records. Of those, more than 4,500 of the animals - roughly 88 percent - were euthanized.

The shelter's hold policy doesn't require a window for pet adoptions. After giving owners 120 hours to claim a lost pet, the animals can be put down without ever being up for adoption. The Robeson County shelter also will not release the animals to foster homes during the hold period, even though a 2009 state law allows for such an arrangement, Gerber said.

In 2001, animal advocates released an undercover video showing shelter workers heart-sticking dogs and cats without giving them anesthesia. The method is said to be extremely painful if the animal is not sedated. Various versions of the video have attracted hundreds of thousands of online views in recent months and seemed to galvanize animal rights activists from across the nation.

Bass, the shelter's manager for eight years, has received the brunt of the criticism. Bass has said that animal advocates have left phone messages threatening to kill him. Others have posted Facebook messages calling him a murderer.
Joan E. Loza Mobry of Wisconsin has led the online charge against Bass. She said in a phone interview Friday that her "life mission" is to see Bass put in prison. Loza Mobry said she'll have to pursue her goal from afar.
"I have to," she said, "because if I ever came face to face with Jeff Bass, I would probably do something I would go to prison for."

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If these accusations are true these people at the shelter make me ashamed to be the same species as they are.  I don't think I can make that any clearer.  

The Roebson County Animal Shelter lists animals on Petfinder.   At the present time there are 59 animals listed for adoption.  This is AFTER they supposedly cleaned up their act.  If 2010 is like 2009 that's 485 animals a month.  Perhaps a great deal have been adopted and rescued by their owners but with their former policies that seems unlikely?  So we are safe in saying they have needlessly put 1000 animals to death this year?  What got me about the whole deal is they seemed to work AGAINST people adopting animals, they would rather kill them.


Denise Taylor said...

This is absolutely disgusting. I hope they shut this shelter down and give dogs in NC a chance. I hate people sometimes!

MISTAYA said...

This article makes my heart hurt. I can not understand how the human can do such unspeakable things to inocent helpless creatures. I pray to God that this is resolved soon and no other animal has to be at this man's mercy. I have to go now and hug my rescued pound puppy real close. Gail

Lily Robinson said...

So upsetting. I clicked on the other link from your facebook page. I can't imagine how those people felt being locked out while the animals they wanted were being killed inside.

I have adopted many wonderful pets from shelters. The 2ND-BEST-DOG-EVER came from the pound in Indianapolis. I lived in Dayton and drove several hours for that Doberman. If they had put him down before I got there, I would have been heartbroken!

I truly believe that it says much about a person... the way they treat animals.

Pets Adviser said...

Horrible! Thanks for telling the world about the pets injustice. Best, -Dan