Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Temperament Testing for Dogs

American Temperament Test with breed statistics.

Temperament testing for dogs for you to do yourself.

Testing suggestions from Paw Rescue.

To be honest I heard about the first one on the radio this morning on the way to work @ the unholy hour of 6 am and googled the others. Bichons didn't do so good, actually little dogs didn't do so good, lab's have very good temperaments. If you have a dog you spend lots of time with you probably can do the temperament testing in your head and not bother leaving the computer. The tests from Paw Rescue give you clues what to look for in a rescue or shelter dog. My bichon gives the sort of a growl but I'm not really growling when I tell him he can't get up in the night and bark with the other dogs. I can turn him over and put my hands on his neck (OK he rolls over and I play like I'm choking him and he makes this ahhh ahhh noise but he loves it), he hates to be held on his back though but we are working on it, those are some of the things the tests ask. My Bichon would flunk the person running by or riding a bike by, he LOVES to chase things like that.

What else is new? It snowed and sleeted last week, got way behind with everything because it took me forever to get to work and back. We will say that is the excuse for the infrequent postings. The dog is "telling" me I need to do something now, must go! Ahhh we had a playing howling session, he is satisfied for the moment. Wonder what that says about his temperament and mine?


French Fancy said...

Hi there - I'm another bichon-owning blogger - I have a pedigree one and one that we rescued from a bad place. I know what you mean about them not scoring highly in tests.They are too strong willed and playful to be obedient like boring old labradors.

TC said...

French Fancy you mean stubborn and hyper?? re the strong willed and playful?? LOL, just kidding, I LOVE my bichon and labs are rather boring, eat, sleep, destroy something, eat, sleep, destroy something. I'm even on a bichon forum, bichon.ca/forum, free to all bichon lovers!