Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Neighbor Sells Womans "Lost" Dogs on Craigslist

Seems that this woman Theresa let her 3 little dogs out and they got out the back gate, one came back the other two didn't. She then saw them THE NEXT NIGHT for sale on craigslist, the woman posting them was a neighbor in Columbia, PA, who said they had been her grandmothers dogs and she had had them for 3 days??
Here's the link, what do YOU think? I think I'm glad the original owner found them and I hope she has them back safe and sound.


ShoppingKharma said...

What a heartless neighbor to have. I would watch my back from now on. So she only got 1 dog back. What about this woman paying a fine for selling stolen dogs? I'm surprised the ASPCA isn't more involved in this. More than likely; this neighbor took off the collars and tags and disposed of them so that she could make a quick buck. Amazing.

TC said...

I've quit taking Dispatch with me EVERYWHERE. Don't have to worry about our neighbors, their dogs come to my house but it's a shame something like this has to happen. I think the lady got all the dogs back eventually, not sure though?