Friday, February 13, 2009

Bichon Trying To Save Mama From The Vacuum

Here's a semi funny video I did this afternoon. I'd gotten up from my day off afternoon nap and decided I couldn't take the family room floor anymore and had to vacuum, remembered there was string in the vacuum brush from the last time I'd used it. The string is from a place in the carpet that the Labrador dug up when my husband and he were playing with the laser light, the lab thought he could dig the light up and get ahold of it?
Anyway the Bichon is distressed by the vacuum, I'm pretty sure he thinks we are not in control of things with motors that make noise such as the vacuum and the lawnmower so he must protect us. This is also the noise he makes when I get out of the car or leave him in the house if amplified 10 times.

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