Friday, November 12, 2010

What You Can Do About Animal Rescue

I tend to start things I cannot complete.  My dedication to animal rescue often feels like one of these things. (so does my gutter cleaning, it just started raining....) BUT all is not lost for those who feel like I do, I've had this link up on my browser for a week about what YOU can do to help the animal rescue causeBichon Information Station is just a great website in general, the only drawback is you will probably feel a great need to cuddle an animal soon after viewing it but that is OK, trust me.  Anyway if you do NOTHING ELSE about animal rescue go to the first link and see what you can do easily and quickly.  I blog, tweet, and facebook about animals in need and animals in general and try to help raise awareness.  Not everyone wants to do this or can, I can't foster and am strictly prohibited from adoption by my better half (I will NEVER give up) so I do what I can this way.  I also donate to the local thrift shop that benefits the local animal shelter and purchase items from the store.  Not much but I always tell myself it's better than nothing.  Then I cuddle the dog again.
He looks like he needs cuddled doesn't he?  Sometimes I think he is saying Jeeze, would she just let me sleep??? LOL

So WHY haven't I been blogging?  Well for one I'm lazy.  The main reason is I'm like MAKING MONEY writing for the internet.  You read that right, making money, some days it feels like $2 an hour but sometimes it's $20 an hour.  The latter doesn't happen that often and it's probably more like $10 an hour but sitting on my rear in my warm house or in my husbands truck and piddling @ the computer is not brain surgery nor do I sweat or have to deal with people, sorry I got burnt out doing that with my husbands business.  I'm also writing a few articles for a new site that is looking for excellent writers, they are something like hub pages.  Right now you are saying why is she going on and on about this?  Because I wrote an article about Bichons!!  Then I wrote another article about brushing a Bichon Frise.  The reason I wrote this article is because many people won't get a bichon because they are afraid of the maintenance involved with this breed.  I've had to chase errant dogs that got off their leashes, cleaned up after dogs that refused to be house trained, replaced carpet, woodwork, and phone cords that had been chewed; all dogs require some maintenance and take time.  It's a fact of life most things that are worthwhile require some maintenance or dedication.  Bichons require grooming but give love and adoration in return. 

If you are bored, or want to know more about these subjects, or are considering writing for the internet, go check out these pages.  They are something like hub pages, doesn't provide immediate pay. is one of those that pay immediately or at least twice a month.  If you have some idea where a comma goes in a sentence they will pay less than one cent a word.  I'm above that but they are tough on grammar and sentence structure.  In fact I'm sure they would simply CRINGE @ this blog entry.... LOL

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MISTAYA said...

We have missed your posts but do understand about not posting everyday.
We are just happy to hear from you once in a while. And good luck with your internet venture!
Hugs, Mistaya and M.O.M.