Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving For Dogs

This is Dispatch the Bichon Frise, this is me in the middle and see my adoring fans?  OK, maybe they are part of my mama's family and maybe they have their dogs but you see just exactly WHO is in the middle, my "sis" is holding me and I mean that literally, she is MINE, I adore her, don't know why she had to go and get her own dog? Anyway back to the celebration, they said something about it being the tall guys birthday and some holiday, but since there was so much meat cooking going on I know they planned it JUST FOR ME!!  I mean why else would they have ribs, and brisket, and turkey, and HAM?  That is unless it was for dogs. I even tried the cranberry salad!  Then they offered me so many pretty ladies. There was Phoebe...
Then there was Sassy, she was a bit camera shy?  Both of these lovely ladies were shorter than I was and everyone kept talking about being fixed in relation to ME, Dispatch Bichon Frise, but I have NO idea what they meant.  I was busy doing my best Pepe` Le Pew voice and telling the girls how lovely they were today.... but back to the beginning of the visit.
 This is my cousin dog Lester.  He is an OK guy. We sort of got in a little contest when I got to his house, he's basset and something else...pardon if I offend but I peed on a chair on Lester's patio.  It was just a little on the back leg of the daddy happened to be sitting in it but it stunk like Lester and I had to make it smell better.  Then Lester got in BIG trouble for peeing on the front leg of the chair with Daddy in it...I wasn't quite rolling on my back pointing with my paw but it was close.  So then I proceeds to go and peed in Lester's food dish.  I thought I'd gotten by with it and was over by the fence begging mama to pick me up so I could properly say "HELLO" to the neighbor lady dogs when Lester PEED on ME.  Like on my back!!  Mama shrieked like a girl (I suppose she technically is) grabbed me up and ran for the house, I got washed off and I'd just HAD A BATH THE DAY BEFORE. That was the worst part.
This shows more of the festivities, Sassy is in this one, she thought maybe someone would feed her.  Silly Sassy, the food was on the table, see that is me the wily Bichon in the background planning an assault on the meat platters.  Although I would never do such a thing (you think I'm an idiot, first all the people have to be out of the house and then I have to be able to make it look like another dog did it!)
See this black dog? His name is Zeus.  He wasn't interested in much but his family.  Mostly his mama.  He wanted to kill my mama (who kept referring to him as Devil Dog) but I wasn't too worried, he weighed about as much as my back leg. 
I was much more worried about the ladies and whether any other dog was getting food or attention.  It was heaven.
We have to mention the family dogs who had their representative people there but they were LEFT AT HOME.  Newman was left at home and Charlie was with his second family.  I'm sure I'll get to see them soon again.  Maybe they can help me mark the back yard?  We are back safely at home and the new kitty has started running from me and all is well in the world.

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