Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great Deals for Pets and Humans for the Holidays!!

Surprise!  I'm not reviewing luggage today!  I'm not reviewing bathroom shelving, tv tables, or my favorite department, at the CSN stores, handbags!  (You remember CSN has 200 online stores right and are great to deal with?)  We are going to take a look at another dog crate end table.  This one is solid ash and is $278.95.  Don't you agree it's pretty cool looking.  Much better than the pink one plastic on I have in the living room, the covered wire one in the family room, the little one on the floor, you get the picture don't you?  We only have one dog too!

The details are:
  • vailable in natural, cherry, dark espresso, or medium walnut finishes
  • Made from solid ash wood
  • A knock-down kit and 8 screws are used to assemble the crate
  • Top is removable for easy access to clean or easily remove a blanket or pillow
  • Panels are put together with mortise and tenon construction 
It comes in 3 different sizes, prices vary of course.  This would be a good gift for the pet owner who has everything wouldn't it? I know Dispatch used to not like being in the crate so much but we made a party time out of it, fed treats in the crate etc, and he started going in the crate when he wanted to be left alone or something was bothering him.  So if you had a crate that was THIS great looking it would be easier to train the dog because you would WANT it visible in your house. 

The folks @ CSN have some other holiday deals going on at select stores that you can get in on starting Monday (today).  These deals are so good you can't use any promotional codes.
CSN Baby
CSN Games
CSN Fitness
CSN Toys and Games
Go check it out.  Items over $69 that can be shipped by regular methods ship FREE!!

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