Monday, August 9, 2010

Justice For Bear Bear

The Police Report states this happened on August 2, an off duty federal police officer shot and killed a Siberian Husky with no previous behavior problems when it "attacked" his leashed German Shepherd @ an Arundel County  MD dog park.  That is the first thing that struck me WHY was the German Shepherd on a leash and isn't that the point of a dog park?  I mean to let the dogs run and play and interact naturally?  The scenario in a nutshell is police officer walks his German Shepherd into a dog park, Bear Bear a husky comes over and either starts playing with or attacking the German Shepherd. 
 It seems the off duty cop killed bear bear immediately without giving the animals caretaker who happened to the the real owners brother-in-law a chance to even yell @ Bear Bear.  It seems he was pulling his gun as he was yelling @ the man to restrain Bear Bear.  I KNOW this is an animals blog but there is another animal here too.  The German Shepherd is an animal in question.  I'm wondering what kind of owner this guy is if he can't recognize play for what it is and know his dog feels defensive if he is on a leash.  The point isn't really if the public is crucifying the police officer or not  (read toward the bottom of the replies) or how many signatures they get on a petition. although this matter DOES need to be looked into.  The point is that this man is trained to know when and how to discharge or even TOUCH his firearm and this wasn't one of those times.  I'm presuming the federal police officer is of normal stature?  What happened to speaking sharply and distracting the other dog by tapping him or even pulling on him.  There was NO blood or bite wounds, the husky was not biting @ all.  There is no reason to think he would have bitten the police officer. 

Now for my alter ego/devils advocate.  If it was Dispatch (the bichon frise, see previous posts) I'd try to get a dog off of him in a heartbeat but with a bichon that would probably be too late IF they were truly fighting.  Dispatch has the fighting and biting powers of a wet gnat.  I'd want the other dog shot and shot now.  I also have relatives (and neighbors -)) who are police officers.  Dispatch attacks their dog almost daily..we are talking bichon and miniature schnauzer here and I'm kidding, they are playing (I think).

Granted this is a Sibearian Husky, I really haven't had much experience with them but I had a Keeshond but they are more closely related to the Spitz.  I think I could recognize the difference between playing and attacking though.

So what do you feel should be done to the police officer other than obviously the case shouldn't be closed immediately.  From what I've read there is some question as to whether Bear Bear's caretaker was allowed to approach him to take him to medical help immediately.  This was supposedly due to the animal control officers "chumminess" with the federal officer who did the shooting.  Some reports I have read suggest Bear Bear was alive @ his arrival @ the vets, with a hollow point bullet I can't imagine there would be a chance of saving him but you never know what might have happened with quick medical transport for Bear Bear?  What do you think?


Denise Taylor said...

My mom told me about this story and while I don't want to pile on the cop, it seems like he was clearly in the wrong here. Why did he have a gun at the dog park? What did he do to try to control the situation- killing a dog should have been his absolute last resort? Unfortunately, every couple of months there seems to be a story like this where someone's pet was killed. While most cops are great people the few that commit these crimes should be punished and shouldn't get off the hook just because they happen to be police officers.

SquirrelQueen said...

I think the officer could have handled it differently without killing Bear Bear. Overacting is the word that comes to mind. If he took his dog into a dog park he should have been expecting to other dogs approach.

I wonder what he would have done if a Bichon had attacked his big bad German Shepherd.

TC said...

I agree totally Denise. It was extreme.
Judy I hadn't thought of what he would have done if a big bad bichon had attached the German Shepherd. He would have really looked looney for shooting the bichon....the puffball attacked, I swear it did....