Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Am Easily Pleased?

Today it was almost like I was given a gift.  My husband was getting a load of mangoes on his truck and since we were the only truck in the lot I decided to walk Dispatch the Bichon Frise.  I noticed the man @ the dock talking to my husband and I'm thinking oh no they don't want dogs on their lot but I'd made up my mind to walk with Dispatch for a bit.  Dis kept saying "It's HOT you old bag, are you NUTS, lemme go back to the truck.  OOOCH ouch, there's stickers out here too".   All of this was said by dirty looks and tiny whines of course. 

Whines from the dog and not the man on the dock, I couldn't hear him.

My husband got back in the truck and told me what was said when we were pulling away.  The man had a pair of bichons whom he had bred and had one  puppy left and @ first was trying to sell to us.  Then after he saw Dis walk around a bit he asked if we entered dog shows with him.  My husband told him no we bought him as a poodle.  Granted this guy was just a back yard breeder but he said he wished HIS bichons looked and acted like that.  He remarked on Dispatches cockiness and how he strutted around but listened to me.  (I always blame the cockiness on his human Daddy because they have the same attitude @ times but maybe that's just me?)  The dock man then asked if Dispatch was neutered (yes) and then asked if we would be interested in taking his dog and TRAINING IT!! 
We didn't take the puppy but it was great that someone thought Dispatch was that well behaved.  The jumping out of the truck into my arms trick and the standing up on command so I don't have to lean over so far always gets them.   We don't use a leash, he doesn't want to get more than 5 feet away unless he is pooping so I always say I've got an invisible leash.  Skeeter was trained the same way and Mugsey was on his way to being trained to walk without a leash.  We really don't "train" other than the sit and the lay down and roll over thing which we are still working on.  We talk and use hand gestures unconsciously and Dis catches on, I can't say this is just a bichon thing though.

Of course the dock foreman didn't see the scratches on my legs from Dispatch wanting up when his nails were too long, he never heard him scream like he was being killed when he was being ignored or left in a vehicle or @ home, and he never saw him after a cat.  Those are just little things he does that might not be considered good doggy behavior. 

So I've been telling Dis all afternoon what a well behaved show quality bichon he was, maybe it's a teeny lie but he believes me.


Sam said...

What a nice compliment about your well behaved little guy. I am giggling, though, that you said he was bought as a poodle.. can't imagine how that all unfoiled!

TC said...

There's a bit about Dis being a poodle on this link,http://animalsthatgivepause.com/archives/43
you've given me an idea for a new post, I'd thought I'd explained it ad nauseum but I guess not!

kathryn said...

Aw. I'm betting Dispach has just a little bit more of a strut to his walk now! I am very impressed with your training abilities...whether you think they're anything special or not. I'd never feel comfy letting Metro off his leash...he'd be good till he saw a deer or a cat or any other critter...

TC said...

Kathryn Dispatch strutted before but he might strut more now if that is possible. We stayed @ my husbands cousins house one night, they don't have animals in the house but have an open area where Dis could go with the other dogs, anyway I was so ashamed of him because he barked and clawed of course. Then my husband took him for a walk around the farm and he ignores all the other animals and acts like he is a perfectly trained dog @ my husbands heels, never chased a thing?!!