Monday, August 16, 2010

I Hepped Mama

Just some pictures of me seeing what mama was doing in the back of the truck and then Daddy thought I should stay with him?  They said something about me keeping them entertained?  I got a new harness see?  JUST like my old one only not chewed on and not dirty!

Then I "hepped" mama clean the trailer, she laughed and laughed and then got some stinky spray and kept spraying my feet and wiping them with paper towels a whole bunch. She said they were much worse but she didn't think of getting a picture?  Mama was going to cut my face hair last night but Daddy likes to tell me I don't have to listen to her and call me and I hid under his arm and peeked out @ her.  Then he says she spoils me?  I don't think I'm spoiled by either one actually.


MISTAYA said...

Oh Dispatch...I am just like you....I am not spoiled least that is what M.O.M. says and then when I am getting treats from M.O.D. he always says he isn't spoiling me either. Gosh, I hope that neither one of them ever figures it out!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

TC said...

I hope my humans never figure it out either Mistaya. Daddy thinks I like Mama better so he will let me do most anything. Mama always brushes me and cuts my hair and tells me not to lick my paws, well Daddy does that too. Mama doesn't story to me as much as Daddy though, I don't hardly believe him when I hear a knock and him say come in....he likes to do it and hear me bark?

Anonymous said...

Cute! My four collies would need a lot of wiping though.

CJ xx

TC said...

They would probably @ That Crystal. LOL