Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mugsey My Golden Labrador Update

I was with Mugsey this morning @ 10:15 when he was put to sleep. He was worse. I asked the vet about other treatments but he said there was no hope, if it was his dog he would have him put to sleep. The vet had taken Mugsey to his HOUSE to put him in the hot tub twice because he thought that might do some good and would help him be more comfortable @ least. The vet shed a tear too. He said a cart was an option but I knew Mugsey wouldn't be happy and he was incontinent and just miserable.
Mugsey was fine, not scared, the medication made him shakey. He wasn't as good though as when I took him in. You never realize how much of your life is tied up in an animal till you lose them. I complained about him flopping over and hitting the box springs on the bed from the floor every night and jarring me awake. I would love to feel that again. I petted him for like 20 minutes before the vet got there and every time I would stand up from crouching down he would try to stand up to go with me. That was the worst I think.

I am fine. I've talked to my husband several times today. We are getting Mugsey's ashes back and scattering them over the farm where he loved to run (husband insisted even though it costs more and husband is shall we say thrifty). I hugged the vet and I am NOT a hugger. The vet tried to give me a beagle that was throwing a fit because she didn't like being cooped up and tried to give me a white lab that someone had dumped by his house pregnant last winter. My husband said he wants a puppy IF we get another dog soon. I can't hardly bear the thought but I know there are 1000's of puppies that need homes.

I'll never forget when we got Mugsey I was delivering lunch to the crew when they were cleaning up after Katrina. My stepson said what about the yellow puppy when I got there, I said what yellow puppy, I saw him and that's all she wrote, my husband fell in love instantly too, he's the one that suggested I look @ him to his son. Mugsey turned into a sweet lovable clown that got in trouble quite frequently but we learned to adapt. When he wasn't doing his jumping running dance of joy around the car when I got home I thought something was wrong. I wish I'd petted him more and given him more treats. I got a garbage bag out and saw a cabinet with big dog treats in it and no big dog.

I think I feel guilty because I didn't always put Mugsey first after he was grown, but he liked to be outside and he came in when we were home, he would get in trouble for chasing cats and dragging things in the yard, his pile of treasures just disappeared recently, rocks, sticks, bones, and empty plastic bottles. He was my husbands dog too but he only had him overnight by himself once, he's been with me the rest of the time. I feel bad too because it was my husbands dog (supposedly) and my dog (Dispatch) is fat sassy and healthy. I've got more pictures of Mugsey than any other dog besides Dispatch and I've had 3 times as long to take pictures of Dispatch. I've cried more for Mugsey than I ever have any other dog too (and most people who have died), but usually if they are killed or die it's quick. I feel bad because I didn't buy him more stuffed animals to destroy, he loved nothing better than to chew a hole in a stuffed animal and start pulling stuffing out, would keep him occupied for hours.

I must get to other things, I've been trying to work and cut back on bad habits and loafing (reading and napping), I need to make today go by fast.


Rae said...

My heart is breaking for you. Losing a pet is just like losing a family member - it hurts just as much. You did your best and in the end you did what was right. Although it was difficult you made the right decision. It would have been unfair to make him suffer any longer. You are in my prayers.

SquirrelQueen said...

TC, I am so sorry about Mugsey and I know how much it hurts. It's been over a year and I still cry sometimes when I think of Tasha.
I know it was hard to do but you did the right thing.
Just remember all the good times together and how much joy you brought to each other.
You are in my thoughts my friend,

MzzLily said...

I am so sorry. You are among many animal lovers here, and we understand. I still tear up once in a while over a special cat. Mugsey had a great life because of you. Don't forget that.

Having his ashes scattered in his favorite place will bring you some comfort. I spread ashes of my 1st Dobie at his favorite swimming hole at the lake.

He will always have a special place in your heart. You have the most adorable pictures to remember him by...

You are not alone in your grief. We are all grieving with you.


chicamom85 said...

My heart goes out to you. What a difficult time, but I know you made the right choice. If Mugsy was suffering it just wasn't fair to him. I hope you are snuggling with Dispatch and she is making you feel better. I have lost other pets and I know it takes time. Be patient with yourself.

Anne and Sasha

TC said...

Rae thank you, I think this is the first dog that I've had to have put to sleep, maybe it's the decision that is getting to me. I wondered if I would have the strength to do it.

TC said...

Thank you Judy. I used to tear up over a puppy I had for a couple months, we had the mother and it was ran over, the road was much busier then. Anyway my husband and I will remember his goofy dance when we came home the most.

TC said...

Thank you MzzLily for your words of comfort, I'm glad we are scattering his ashes too. Mugsey did have a pretty cushy life sometimes, they had leftover t bones in Louisiana.

TC said...

Anne thanks, Dispatch is keeping it real, he just got a bunch of burrs in his bichon hair while chasing the cat. He was watching me intently while I was talking to my husband on the phone about Mugsey, I know he's lost without him.
I am trying to be patient with myself but I'm so far behind in what I'm supposed to be doing, cleaning and paperwork, I don't think I'll get done. I've also cried more in the past week than I had cried in the past two years which isn't good.

hostagirl said...

squirrelqueen, my heart is broken for you. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. Gail and Mistaya

TC said...

Thanks hostagirl, I think you meant me. My heart is broken too over the stupid dog that stole the comforter and rolled up in it @ the foot of the bed.

hostagirl said...

TC, yes of course I meant you, I was just so upset by your post about the accident that I forgot myself, I am sorry. Yes, we all need to hug our puppies a little bit closer to us tonight. God bless you and your beautiful Mugsey. Gail and Mistaya

AL said...

TC, while I was reading this, my eyes began to shed tears again, another good dog has past, leaving all the memories of happy times. It will be hard at the moment, I know, but when you think about the good times you had with Mugsey, it will comfort you.

I still miss my lab Scott who died last March, the picture of him when he gave his last breath is still fresh in my mind. I can't cry during that moment, I didn't even cry when he was being buried, but after a day or so, I began to miss him badly and I can't believe that I was so attached to him and Scott can make me grieve that way. I don't even want to talk about it. Unlike you, you can write everything which had happened to Mugsey and you are so brave.

I have a new lab, and he looks like little Scott, I said to myself before that Scott wont have a replacement but Oreo suddenly came. And another reason why I joined with bloggers doing dog blogs is to get over with my grief over Scott.

I will light a candle for Mugsey in Rainbow Bridge and I hope Scott and him will be good friends.

I also have lots of photos of Scott, videos while he was drinking water noisily and everytime I watch it, it make me smile.


TC said...

AL thank you, it does comfort me to think of all the good times we had with Mugsey. We had two boys @ home with the last children and two boys with Mugsey and Dispatch, we joked that our boys we have now are more obedient.
Writing does make me sad and tear up but it makes me smile too. For some reason talking about him or looking @ the toy basket yesterday and wondering about all the big dog toys makes me horribly sad.

TC said...

AL, thanks for lighting a candle, I hope Mugsey and Scott are playing and jumping over the Rainbow Bridge, now the fountain has started again, must quit.

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