Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Can't Get No Satisfaction or Tale Of the Mockingbird

Do you see the Bichon on the table (he hasn't quite learned this isn't a normal dog thing), do you see the mockingbird in the four o'clock bush?

Do you see the bird now?
I know it's blurry but it was moving obviously and had to turn my flash off. We have big picture windows in the living room, birds accidentally fly into them all the time. This one wasn't an accident, I thought he was trying to get in the house, my husband said the mockingbird saw his reflection? I don't know whether he wanted to mate or fight his reflection but what he wanted was an illusion.

What we humans want are often illusions also. The neighbors perfect life, their loving spouse, their great job, then you find out they have a mental illness or cancer, their loving spouse has been loving on everyone else and their job is not what it looks like. Then you just merely go onto your next victim of envy instead of taking stock in what you do have and should be grateful for.

The mockingbird reminded me of this. It's been a difficult day in many ways. A broken door glass, a dirty house and company coming, chores undone, too many have to other chores, people gone.

But then I'm reminded of what I do have, a loving family and husband, a few good friends and many casual ones, great health basically, skinnier than I've been in years, and right now an opportunity to actually be able to pay our bills and retire when my husband can still enjoy it.

So I need to quit writing on this and go take the trash out, surely the bird will give up when it gets dark?


Checkers said...

I stand on the table all the time - my goodness, you are very philisophical today -

TC said...

Dispatches mommy has to be philosophical or she can't figure out why Dispatch is on the table? Or maybe it's the Harper Lee influence? to kill a mockingbird, bad joke. LOL

SquirrelQueen said...

We have the same problem with the birds and our huge living room windows. And life is good, except when our cat decides to catch and then release a bird inside the house!

TC said...

Well most people say catch and release is a good thing but I can see how kitty practicing it would not be!!